Sunday, September 5, 2010

Miss You Mother

Hello Crafters! I hope you'll excuse some sentimentality in this post. My mother passed away October of 2005 and today would have been her 80th birthday. Of course I've been thinking about her all day so thought I would post a little note of rememberance. My mother was a single parent of 6 kids, not the norm in the early 60's; I'm still amazed she got through it without having to murder one of us! LOL! We didn't have much but we had each other and we had our mother's love, something we didn't doubt for one minute. My mother loved Christmas so I'm going to share a Christmas card I made after receiving some goodies from the Holiday Mini! Thanks for visiting!


Nancy Inchausti said...

What a great picture Jackie and obviously an amazing woman. I miss having my mom also.
Your SIS

Anonymous said...

Aw Jackie! This card is almost as beautiful as your love for you mother. Bless you!