Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm heading off to Leadership Conference in Phoenix. I'm actually going to room with my upline and her upline and a couple of other friends. I only live 45 miles away from the convention center but it's a TRUE hassel to drive into Phoenix in the AM! Anyway, I wanted to make each of my room mates a gift and decided on this picture frame. I actually got the idea from a holiday handout from Debbie McNeill, unfortunately I didn't keep a copy of the exact instructions or the designer but I know it was from Debbie's handout. I sorta remembered the instructions; a stencil, some stencil paste...so I went shopping for the items needed. The frames were super CHEAP at a local craft store, the stencil paste cost more!! LOL! I couldn't remember what kind of stencil paste to buy so I ended up buying something called Textured Stencil Paste and used that. I painted the frames with acryllic paint and they dried pretty fast. I then applied the textured paste over the stencil and let it dry for over an hour. I used our Classic inks to color the white paste, just used our daubers! This project is very easy and fun! I am going to go stencil/textured paste crazy and try it on other items!!! I used our Charming stamp set (I KNOW, AGAIN!!) to decorate the middle of the frames (the part where the picture goes), stamped each friends initial, added some ribbon and we have a great gift. Thanks for visiting!!

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