Monday, August 10, 2009


I had an awesome week at Convention but it is wonderful to be home! I have unpacked, did laundry and now relaxing and updating my blog. I want to go in to my Stamp Room to why am I still in front of my laptop? LOL! I can't tell you how energizing these conventions are; the business training, the fun, the product training, the fun, the project ideas...THE FUN! Is it a wonder I'm exhausted?? LOL!!
I am posting a couple of pictures of projects I completed at Stamp Camp. This is a camp put on each year by a couple of great ladies from New York that is loads of fun. They prepare 10 projects...can you imagine that?! Preparing all of those projects for 40-50 ladies and then getting it ALL to Salt Lake City from the Big Apple??? WOW! The first project is a recipe cute is that?

And I love, love this card! Folded it fit's in our medium envelope but opened it's a piece of art!

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