Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am here and OH MY GOODNESS! My first night here we room-mates exchanged's a picture of all of my goodies! Thank you Jennifer, Lois, Nancy, Donna and my new friend Carrie!
What a day we had today, it was non-stop since 7:30am! First up was our Convention Bag...THANK YOU STAMPIN' UP! I like this tote A's a picture of it with all of the goodies we received! Then we headed off to Momento Mall and YES there were lines, lines, and more lines! We stood in line for THREE HOURS!
But it was great fun meeting new ladies and having a great time chit-chatting and for those of you that know me, you know that I can chit and chat with the best of them!! LOL!
Here I am with Jennifer, Donna, Lois and Carrie standing at the end of the 3 hour line!
Unfortunately because we stood in line so long we were late for a Stamp Class that we signed up for so after the mall we ran to the class and had to forego lunch. After lunch we went back to the Convention Center to take pictures of projects then Jennifer and I headed over to the Lion Pantry for more stamping fun and CUPCAKES...CUPCAKE GOOD!! The perfect end to a perfect day!
Now we're back at the house preparing our stamps for tomorrow's classes! WHEW! Have you ever been tired and happy at the same time?! More later!

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Anonymous said...

Jackie! You are too cute. Those freebies look awesome. Don't forget to eat tomorrow! Yes, I think we've all been tired but happy at one point. That's the best kind of tired isn't it? When you can fall asleep with a smile.