Monday, June 15, 2009


Let me start by saying I can't sew a LICK! No, I'm serious! Just ask my 7th grade teacher who gave me a D because she had never had a student with less sewing talent than me...HER words! Fast forward 45 years (YIKES!!!); this Thursday the Town of Buckeye is hosting an event for home based business owners and I am going to have a table as a SUp! demonstrator plus we each get to present some product, etc. from our business. I decided to demonstrate the Big Shot most specifically the Matchbox BigZ die. We're all looking to cut corners, right? So why not demonstrate how beautiful favors can be created for CENTS! But I also wanted to have a few items on my table for attendees to look at that were created with the Big Shot...and now I'm BACK to the sewing! I bought a jean tote from Hobby Lobby and wanted to do something with it using the Big Shot; I used the Flowers Layer #3 and the SUp! Birds and Bloom sizzlet to cut felt. But it needed something; my neighbor to the rescue and SHE sews on some SUp! ribbon...but now I need to add my cut-outs; I felt bad asking my neighbor for help again so I whip out my GLUE GUN! I know, I know...but it's just for show afterall; surely it will hold up for one evening!! LOL! So here's the finished product...I sure stepped out of my comfort zone on this one!

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