Thursday, July 2, 2009


This week I am in Nashville visiting an Aunt and my brothers and sister and their families. My husband and I decided to drive like we used to back in our 20's and 30's...that was a VERY LONG TIME AGO! In all honesty, it was a nice trip, of course I yak'd like crazy but Juan is used to that and I had him laughing most of the time. And we loved reading the signs; one that stands out was in Texas, it was a billboard of a couple of Highway Patrol Officers and the caption read "Going out tonight? SO ARE WE!" Gotta love that!
It was great arriving in Nashville, it feels like coming "home". I'm not sure why because I haven't really lived here; I was born here but my mother moved us to California when I was 2 and I lived here from '70 to '72 with my husband, but that's it. My mother was born and raised here and her familywas all from here; and currently my brothers and sister live here...not sure why that overwhelming feeling comes over me when I visit. Here's a picture that I tried to take from within the car to show how beautiful Nashville is and this is just a freeway shot! And another picture of my taking a well deserved break on my brother's front porch!

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Cazzy said...

I hopped over from SCS, Nashville looks really lovely. I hope you have a great time.

Cazzy x